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5-Axis Machinable Blanks


Jergens Workholding Solutions presents a truly modular approach to 5-Axis machining. Machineable blanks provide the flexibility to further customize your application

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Steel Part NumberAluminum Part NumberStyleA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)LocatingMounting TypeMounting GridWeight Steel (lbs /kg)Weight Alum ( lbs/kg)Pull Stud SizePull Stud Part Number
5MB130002 CAD
5MB130004 CAD
Square1303560Quick Change Studs20mm QCS60mm x 60mm9.9 ( 4.5)3.4 (1.6)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB130003 CAD
5MB130005 CAD
Round1303560Quick Change Studs20mm QCS60mm x 60mm7.7 (3.5)2.7 (1.2)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB130008 CAD
5MB130007 CAD
Square13013060Quick Change Studs20mm QCS60mm x 60mm21.6 (9.8)13.0 (5.9)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB160002 CAD
5MB160004 CAD
Square1603560Quick Change Studs20mm QCS60mm x 60mm15.2 (6.9)5.2 (2.4)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB160003 CAD
5MB160005 CAD
Round1603560Quick Change Studs20mm QCS60mm x 60mm11.8 (5.4)4.1 (1.8)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB210002 CAD
5MB210004 CAD
Square2103560Quick Change Studs20mm QCS60mm x 60mm26.3 (11.9)9.1 (4.1)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB210003 CAD
5MB210005 CAD
Round2103560Quick Change Studs20mm QCS60mm x 60mm20.6 (9.3)7.1 (3.2)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB210006 CAD
5MB210008 CAD
Square21035120Quick Change Studs20mm QCS120mm x 120mm26.3 (11.9)9.1 (4.1)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB210007 CAD
5MB210009 CAD
Round21035120Quick Change Studs20mm QCS120mm x 120mm20.6 (9.3)7.1 (3.2)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB250002 CAD
5MB250004 CAD
Square25035120Quick Change Studs20mm QCS120mm x 120mm37.4 (17.0)12.9 (5.9)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB250003 CAD
5MB250005 CAD
Round25035120Quick Change Studs20mm QCS120mm x 120mm29.3 (13.3)10.1 (4.6)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB310002 CAD
5MB310004 CAD
Square31035120Quick Change Studs20mm QCS120mm x 120mm57.7 (26.2)19.9 (9.0)20
5QP020 CAD
5MB310003 CAD
5MB310005 CAD
Round31035120Quick Change Studs20mm QCS120mm x 120mm45.2 (20.5)15.6 (7.1)20
5QP020 CAD