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Jergens Hoists Exhibit at The Guggenheim

Dec. 15, 2017 - For the second time, Jergens’ hoist rings can be seen at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Jergens’ Traditional Style, Center-Pull Hoist Rings suspend Precipitous Parturition by Chen Zhen, featured as one of the leading pieces in the new exhibition Art and China after 1989: Theatre of the World.

Jergens Center-Pull Standard U-Bar Hoist Ring Specifications

  • Rated at 5:1 Strength Factor
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Finish: Black Oxide (Except Washer)
  • U-Bar, Bolt, Pins, Base, Washer and ­Bushing are Magnetic Particle Inspected
  • Washer: Zinc Plated with Gold Colored (Inch), Clear/Blue (Metric) Conversion Coating
  • Proof Tested to 200% of Rated Load Capacity
  • Certificate of Proof Test provided
  • 3D Solid Models available in multiple formats
  • CE Certified
  • Multi-Lingual Installation Sheet


Fixed at rig points in the museum's ceiling beams, Jergens’ ½-13” thread size, 2,500lb capacity, full 360° swivel and 180° pivot action hoist rings lift Zhens artwork of bicycle parts, inner tubes and matchbox cars. Zhen’s art encompasses the exhibition’s aim to forge reality free from ideology, to establish the individual apart from the collective, and to define contemporary Chinese experience in universal terms. This exhibition is organized by Alexandra Munroe, Samsung Senior Curator, Asian Art, and Senior Advisor, Global Arts, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; with guest co-curator Philip Tinari, Director, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing; and Hou Hanru, Artistic Director, MAXXI, National Museum of 21st Century Arts, Rome.

Art and China after 1989 is organized in six chronological, thematic sections throughout the rotunda and on Tower Levels 5 and 7. For all the diversity the exhibition encompasses, the artists here have all sought to think beyond China’s political fray and simple East-West dogmas. This freedom of a “third space” has allowed for a vital distance, and a particular insight, as they contend with the legacies of Chinese history, international modernism, and global neoliberalism of the 1990s. Their rambunctious creativity can expand our ever-widening view of contemporary art and inspire new thinking at a moment when the questions they have faced—of identity, equality, ideology, and control—have pressing relevance.

–Alexandra Munroe, Philip Tinari and Hou Hanru—

Art and China after 1989: Theatre of the World will be featured at the Guggenheim Museum through Jan. 7, 2018. Click here for more information about Jergen’s Center-Pull Hoist Rings. Click here for more information about Art and China after 1989: Theatre of the World.


Center-pull hoist rings