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Jergens Inc. is Honored at The 2021 Evolution of Manufacturing Conference and Awards

We are very excited to be honored at this year’s 2021 Evolution of Manufacturing Conference and Awards!

This year’s Evolution of Manufacturing Award program recognizes Northeast Ohio’s most innovative manufacturers, many of whom have demonstrated what a critical role they play in the economy and supply chain.

Among the other honorees selected this year, these judges were impressed by our ability to evolve our manufacturing operations to adapt to the global economy, especially this past year during COVID-19.

Jim Carulas, CEO at Meaden & Moore, announces Jergens as an honoree. 

“As the pandemic continues, it is important to recognize and celebrate the innovative ideas that these manufacturing companies bring to Northeast Ohio,” says David Bishop, President of Alliance Industrial Solutions. “In many ways, this year’s honorees represent not only an evolution but a transformation into the digital age, where flexibility and agility reign supreme.”

Like many other companies, we have had to adapt to this new normal and change the way we do business and work as a team. As part of our response to the global pandemic, an order priority initiative was implemented for all medical device manufacturers.

During this crucial time, our team received a call from one of our partners, DMG Mori, stating that the medical device manufacturer, Vyaire Medical, was in desperate need of parts to build ventilators for the healthcare industry and was tasked with quadrupling their production as fast as possible.

Within just 3 weeks, the Jergens team:

  • Reversed engineered their current process
  • Provided product drawings to the Vyaire engineering team
  • Fabricated and shipped custom tooling
  • Installed a new setup and cutting chips
  • Implemented a new custom workholding solution

Learn more in this article here.

Special thank you to Smart Business and this year's judges and sponsors for hosting such a wonderful and interactive virtual event!

For information on the award winners, along with profiles of the honorable mentions visit

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