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Quick Maintenance Check on Your Ball Lock Mounting System

Although Ball-Lock® is a simple, robust, quick-change system some simple maintenance can keep is performing at its best and add life to the components.

Did you know regularly cleaning chips and debris from your receiver bushings is recommended? It can significantly extend the life of your quick-change system.

Ball Lock Mounting System

How does one check for wear? That’s a great question!

We recommend checking for the following signs of wear:

  1. Numerous flat spots on the ball bearings
  2. Tears or abrasions on the o-ring
  3. Damage to the internal hex of the set screws

*Use repair kits to rebuild shanks when necessary

Pros to keeping your receiver bushings clean:
  • Ensures the best engagement with a shank for proper locating and clamping
  • To avoid containment from settling in your subplate and machine table below

To sum it up regularly cleaning chips and debris from your bushings is recommended. If you notice any signs of wear we recommend replacing the damaged parts with one of our shank repair kits. These kits include a new set of balls, o-ring, and a set screw. Click here to learn more.

Happy machining and make chips happen!